What makes us different?

Scalable Manufacturing of Patient Specific Devices

3DMorphic’s patented algorithmic software, allows for the design and manufacture of quality patient specific devices in under 5 days. 

As a result of rapid turnaround, unique design features and on-site manufacturing, 3DMorphic technology is at the forefront of the current medical device market.



Even stress distribution in contacting anatomy​
The image above demonstrates the stress distribution in the device (left) and contacting endplate anatomy (right). Note the even distribution of low stress (green colours) in the endplate. Evidently, the increased contact area of the patient specific cage leads to lower stresses in the device and the patient’s anatomy, leading to better clinical results.

A Better Fit

3DMorphic devices fit patient anatomy better than an off-the-shelf implants. This means patients experience:

    • Initial construct stability, leading to successful fusion and long term stable fixation.
    • Better load sharing between the anatomy and device (reducing stress hot-spots).
    • Precise correction of spinal scoliosis and lordosis angles.

No Compromise on Design Features

3DMorphic devices offer a custom fit without compromise on critical spinal implant design features. This provides patients with cages, that are not only manufactured with cutting edge design, but better fit their personal anatomy.

One such feature is integral screw fixation. This increases construct stability, creating the conditions for successful bone fusion, as well as reducing the need for additional plating.  

Above are pre-operative Virtual Surgery Planning (VSP) predicted x-ray images in sagittal (A) and coronal (B) planes for an L5-S1 ALIF device. C) sagittal plane and D) coronal plane intra-operative x-rays.

Virtual Surgery Planning

A Virtual Surgery Plan (VSP) is included with every case. This aids with:

    • Details of the planned scoliosis and lordosis correction that will be achieved by the implant.
    • Surgical approach, including identification of critical vascular structures.
    • Confirmation of final seating position of the implant.
    • Screw trajectory and length.

Faster to Implant

Our patient specific solutions reduce operating theatre times, reducing risk to the patient and saving significant cost. Operating theatre costs are ~AUD$150 per minute, so every minute counts.