Clinical Results

3DMorphic has consistently produced positive post operative results. The data discussed below is based on a study of 10 patients treated via ALIF.

As the devices are tailor made, they naturally find their planned seating position in surgery.

Early patient follow-ups  found improvements in pain and restoration of functional ability, good bone growth onto the device, with the beginnings of fusion occurring.  

Clinical and radiographic results for 3DMorphic devices are detailed in published peer reviewed journal articles (see below). 


Shown here are CT slices of a 3DMorphic L5-S1 ALIF procedure. From top to bottom the CT shows the pre-op pathology in the coronal and axial planes. The middle row shows  disc height restoration following the procedure.

The bottom row shows early bone remodelling and stability of the construct at the three month point.

Of note is the excellent bone apposition onto the implant surface, with good bone remodelling surround the implant.

Published peer reviewed journal articles